Rehabilitation or also called as rehab is used to help a particular person to recover from all of his addictions, injuries and physical as well as mental illnesses. Division of Prisons Educational Services staff assisted North Carolina Community College System staff with decisions regarding allocation of grants for vocational education programs for criminal offenders under the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Act of 1990.

Crime reduction strategies developed in the UK, the US and a few other countries for youth and adult offenders attempt to integrate the various elements of the criminal justice response to crime, develop partnerships with communities, and to integrate institutional interventions with community-based interventions in an unbroken continuum of intervention.


As a result, many authors within several disciplines have developed and analyzed games that include the effects of punishment as a way to foster cooperation among humans 7 - 9 Most, but not all, of these studies are based on the classic prisoner’s dilemma paradigm 10 and include elements such as the severity of sanctions and the willingness of participants to punish offenders 11 , the frequency and expectation of enforcement 12 , collective punishment and rewards 13 - 15 , network structures 16 and the possibility of directly harming adversaries 17 - 19 On the other hand, very little work has focused on studying recidivism by offenders after punishment and how prevention measures - and not only punishment - taken by third parties may improve recidivism rates and affect cooperation.

Notably, inmate recidivism increases with criminal history: in the first year of release, 56 percent of those formerly incarcerated with ten or more prior arrests were arrested again, compared to 40 percent of prisoners with five to nine prior arrests (not shown), and 26 percent of prisoners with four or fewer prior arrests.


Recovery Centers of America offers men and women struggling with addiction a complete continuum of care, including medically-monitored detox, 28-day inpatient treatment, a range of outpatient programs and a strong alumni and community support system.

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